What is Soup Season?

Soup Season is a bi-weekly—sometimes weekly—email newsletter about a lot of things. The internet, first of all. But then also, the body, and our connection to our bodies. Our connection to our past, our very ancient past, and to the future. Mostly, it’s about navigating this weird modern world together and trying to put a name to things, find beauty in unexpected places, and better understand ourselves in the process.

Why is it called Soup Season?

Well, the short answer is that I’m bad at titles but was very committed to a deadline.

But also, I like soup. It’s warm and cozy like I hope this newsletter will be. It’s endlessly versatile, economical, and easy to digest. The best soups are steeped in cultural and personal histories and require love, care, and lots of time. And, while many of the best ones require surprising precision and culinary expertise, sometimes you throw a bunch of things from your fridge and cupboard together before they go bad and come out with a sumptuous masterpiece or at least something better than you ever thought it could be. And that’s the magic of soup.

Why subscribe?

Free subscribers get access to every Soup Season on the day it is sent. Paying subscribers get access to the archives, and to occasional subscriber-only posts. Everyone gets my unwavering gratitude for supporting this publication <3

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I'm a writer and ceramic artist living in NYC. This is my Sunday newsletter--musings at the intersection of internet culture, art, and politics.


Katherine Demby

Living and writing in New York City.